Archetypes is a subject that has been with me most of my life - the interaction between these characters is facinating
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Hi Bran I wanted to introduce myself as I too became very interested in the Archetypes at an early age. My Uncle William Smirthwaite (whom I think you know) was a very big influence in my life growing up and taught me a great deal and it would be great to connect. I found your site through my cousins who were researching our Uncle. I am a Book Coach and Publisher and help people to write and get their books published. I am currently writing one at the moment about much of what I have learned through William and being a trained Life Coach. It would be good to connect and share the knowledge and interest.

9/3/2013 05:55:31 am

This sounds fascinating the William I am thinking of was a great friend of my parents and Tammo. He taught at a Rudolf Steiner School. Am I correct?

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    Hi my name is Bran - I became interested in archetypes when I was 15. It has been a fascination to me to see how the personality takes on these life forces that teach us all that we need to know.

    Write something about yourself. No need to be fancy, just an overview.


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